COVID-19 Update

Lindstrom Thrifty White is committed to remaining open in accordance with state and federal recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic and will do our very best to continue to serve our customers. Please use the following guidelines to help minimize the spread:

  1. Request refills ahead of time using our automated system whenever possible in order to minimize your wait time upon arrival.

  2. If you'd like us to bring your medications out to your car, provide us with payment information when you call in your refills and let us know if you need any other essential over-the-counter medications, products or supplements. When you arrive, simply call us and let us know that you're here, the model and color of your vehicle and we'll bring them right to you!

  3. Ask your provider to send your prescription electronically, by fax or phone rather than handing you a paper prescription whenever possible.

  4. If you need to come inside the store, please be sure to follow social distancing best practices by remaining 6 ft from Lindstrom Thrifty White staff members and other customers whenever possible.


Additional Resources:

The Minnesota Department of Health

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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